Saturday, April 11, 2015

Is anybody out there?

Hi, My name is Ari. This is not my real name, though. I would prefer to keep my real name private for now. I am a sixteen year old girl who attends a shitty high school with stuck up brats. I'm a lot like other teenagers, but in another way I'm not. I'm one of those deep thinkers of life, so basically this blog will either be: A. Ranting about things that anger me, B. How corrupt everything and everyone is, or C. Asking for advice; Assuming people will actually read this and care.
I'll be posting more, most likely tomorrow or some following day. I hope someone's out there.

~Ari xo


  1. Yes I hear you ari. That is the exact reason why I have my blog. I feel the exact same way about my life. And I think wat u are doing is a good idea. I wish some one would hear me. If u wouldn't mind could u look at my blog too. But it might get be a little bit more cheery than yours no offense though.

    1. sure thing, and yeah, this blog isn't for people who want to read about a cheerful life haha