Monday, May 11, 2015

Just read, no title.

Life has been extra hard lately. I'm trying to manage so many things i'm not sure i know how to manage. I've been managing the fact that my best friend has been using and manipulating me for years, or the fact that I just broke up with boyfriend because he couldnt even make time for me anymore. Or how about the fact I've been calling my mom since Friday and she won't even give her own child the time of day. Oh of course how could I forget, my Grandfather is also dying and doesn't have much time left and my faith. I've been losing my faith, pushing it away to become numb again. Maybe you're sitting behind the screen thinking, Wow i've been through worse. stop complaining.
Well shut the fuck up and get off my page you're so ignorant. And for the people who call my page "grunge" MY PAGE IS NOT GRUNGE THIS IS MY LIFE STORY!!!!!!!! yeah maybe my life is so pathetic and miserable that it is grunge but the saying "if its not nice don't say it" was not made for shits and giggles. I'm so angry and I don't understand why. I feel like I can hardly breathe all the time. I just need someone, I can't continue to push my tears back then get up go to school; smiling, laughing and talking. Some people might call that fake but I call it surviving the moment. If I let myself feel my feelings all the time, my feelings would consume me and my life. I would be a mess all the time, so I apologize for being "fake". I don't know what else to say other than help me, I am drowning and I don't know how to breathe.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Living Life As a Hypochodriac

When I was a kid, I was terrified of dying. I don't know how this came about but I would be stricken with fear every hour of every day that I would somehow die. This developed into hypochondria. A lot of people don't even know what hypochondria is. Defined by siri the definition of a hypochondriac is: "A person afflicted with hypochondria, causing them to have excessive concern about real or imagined symptoms of illness." Which is basically what it is. As a child with parents and adults telling me that I was just making it all up and that I'm fine and that I should get some rest is the worst of being a hypochondriac. Everyone always thinks you're crazy and never wants to deal with you so they shoo you off so you can worry alone. That's the toughest thing; being alone with no clue that you're mentally ill and no one to care enough to notice it. It's honestly damaging. It was so severe that I used to stay up all night for 2-3 days because I was SO afraid of dying in my sleep. I went to the nurses constantly. Usually everyday or every other day. I'm still scared to go to sleep and I still freak out but I usually suppress it which is really unhealthy.
I remember one time, I didn't brush my hair and I was in the shower and a bunch of hairs fell out while I was washing my hair, I immediately believed I had cancer. I worried so much for weeks begging my dad to take me to the doctor with the answer no, you're fine each time until finally he was annoyed with me so he took me. When I got there, I told her what I thought I had and she just laughed at me and told me I was wrong right off the bat. Why didn't anyone tell me I was mentally ill? I had to deal with it all by myself and I still do. I don't understand.. My parents were suppose to take care of me and they didn't.. That's not okay.
The toughest thing about being a hypochondriac is not knowing when you're actually sick. With this disorder, when you think you're sick and you stress over it, your brain imagines symptoms of what you think you have and that's why it's so hard to "get over it" or be fine about the fact you believe you're dying and no one will take you serious enough to check you out.
For a while my language skills have been decreasing. I convinced myself that I was fine and to suppress and ignore it. Then, I finally decided to do some research on it and I found that I could have expressive aphasia and this time I think I actually might not be as insane as people make me out to be. Expressive aphasia is defined as: "A person knows what he or she wants to say, yet has difficulty communicating it to others. It doesn't matter whether the person is trying to say or write what he or she is trying to communicate." That makes a lot of sense to me, but I'm mentally ill so I should just be fine and not bother anyone about it, right? Well too bad because I can't go through another day picturing the moment the doctor comes back after an MRI just to inform me I have a inoperable brain tumor and that I only have a couple of months to live. After that I'll usually picture my reaction to it, how my dad and friends will react, then I'll imagine everyone at my school noticing me, talking to me, including me in all their plans or it'll be I'll just calmly die by going outdoors everyday and being able to eat all the food I want. There are many scenarios I make up in my head of me finding out I'm dying. As a result of this, my grades decrease, I listen less in class and solely focus on the fact that I could die. That is no way to live, it's almost like I am already dead. My whole life sucks but I'm so numb inside that I can't even feel any of it. Am I alone? or am I just some crazy chick with mental problems complaining about it behind a screen?

Sunday, May 3, 2015

My mother is the devil

Ever since I can remember it was usually just my dad, sister and I. My mother would come and live with us occasionally. Although, It was always temporary. I don’t know where she would go or what she did, later though I was told she went to rehab a couple times but ended up just doing more drugs and alcohol. That’s really all that consumed her and all she cared about. She’s not all bad though, she has good parts to her too. You will soon see just how my mothers irrational, manipulative and psychotic behavior affects my everyday thinking.
    To understand just how my absent parent affects my thinking, you will need to know who she is and the history behind me. My mother is someone who loves to go shopping; thrifting, garage sales, and antiquing. She loves old things that has a history to them. She was witty and funny. She loved to have family game nights; playing cards, or playing monopoly. She had a lot of great traits in her but she is also someone who can be your best friend, make you feel loved in the way you’re supposed to be. Then one day she just wipes herself off the planet, never to call or text for months on end. She is a person who can bring you down just to lift you back up again. I love my mother a lot for all the good things she was but I hate her for all the evil she has in her.
    My mother and my father were together until I was about 7 years old. We lived in this huge blue house and we had a wood picket fence. I shared a room with my older sister, Olivia and we had bunk beds but I can’t remember what color or what they looked like. I do remember we had these swings in our backyard and we would try to swing so high up so we could grab these berries from a tree. They were really good and I was addicted to them as a child. The backyard was huge, but everything as a kid was pretty big. We had this pathway on the side of our driveway near our garage which was surrounded by small trees. On the pathway we had our footprints, our names and some jewels embedded in the concrete. My older sister, Nicole, which is our mothers daughter lived with us too. She was one of those angry teenagers you see on TV who ate pizza and hid it under their beds. Her room was always messy. Nicole and my mom fought a lot. I never understood why until later. I’ve been told of all the horrors my mother put Nicole through. One of which was prostitution for drug money.
My mother always locked herself in this small room which contained a desk, chair and a computer. The walls were white and the door was one of those wood ones that slide from side to side. She was in there almost all the time. When she wasn’t, she was smoking outside, going over to the neighbors to get wasted or yelling. Once my parents split up, they lived in different houses and I would be at one house for a week and the other house for a week. It was pretty calm although my dad looked like he was under a lot of stress. Through all of this, I was a really happy kid. I would play outside a lot with my sister or some kids on my street. I just was a really happy kid probably because I never knew what went on wasn’t normal.
It’s when my mother moved in with her boyfriend, Bryan when things started to swirl out of control. She had a couple boyfriends though. One of them was really nice but she only used him for his money. The other one, Bryan was decent unless you pissed him off. Which seemed like a lot of the time. They fought a lot whenever we were over there. He would hit her sometimes when we were “sleeping” and she would just cry out. My mother liked to play games on him almost like she wanted to be abused. She would always involve us in it. One time she had us put her cigarette in his beer and then we got kicked out and our dad had to come pick us up. Another time we went out and bought this huge bra and put it so it was sticking out of this trunk. He went to work without realizing it and he was super mad. The biggest event that I can remember is when we went on vacation with Bryan, Ann (my mother), Bryan’s daughter, Olivia and I. We went to Florida and Bryan ended up getting arrested for domestic abuse. The next day my mother bailed him out. The scariest thing was how unstable my mother was. She would rock in the corner on the balcony crying and repeat “he’s coming and he’s going to kill us.”. As a 9 year old child, that’s pretty scary although I seemed to handle everything well.
Around the time I became a teenager my mother wasn’t around very much and it was just my dad, Olivia and I. We learned all the girl stuff alone or from the internet. Our dad took us shopping most of the time or Olivia would go with her friends. At that time I didn’t have any, mostly because my mothers absence consumed me and I was bullied a lot. So my dad took me. This was really hard for me, seeing that I had no idea what to do, what to wear or how to take care of myself. My dad had no clue either and there was no one but myself to teach. This affects my thinking a lot today, because I usually feel like I’m alone because that’s how I felt as a child. I know that I’m not alone because I know a couple of people who were put in similar situations.
I think the biggest thing that affects me would have to be the fact that my mother can’t or doesn’t love me. I’ll always wonder why that is. My dad says it’s because she’s a psychopath and isn’t capable of feeling. Everything my mother did to me affects me everyday. The absolute  worst thing I hated would be when she would get us really excited to do something with her and she would last minute blow us off like it was nothing. She did this often and today I don’t get excited for much. Another thing is, she pushed me to date, almost like if I didn’t I wouldn’t be accepted which I never really was in my family’s eyes. My dad always thought I needed to lose weight, do cheerleading like my sister, same with my mother’s parents. I’ve never really fit into my family and I’ve pretty much accepted it. My dad isn’t like this now though, it took him awhile to realize that I am not my sister, I am my own person and eventually he accepted me as who I am.
What’s difficult about not having a mom is seeing everyone around you with loving mothers, or when people ask you about your mom. That’s the absolute worst because you have to say, “Oh she didn’t love us enough to stick around” but in more of an appropriate way so you don’t make anyone uncomfortable. Nothing is worse than the feeling of not being good enough which is how it feels to be abandoned by your own parent. When my parents seperated eventually I came to know Christ which is my blanket and is the reason I’m not some kid who is on a hundred different medications and has a therapist two hours away, I always tried to share Christ with my mother but she always turned me down. She wouldn’t even let me go to church or drop me off. This was hard on me because I really just wanted my mom to feel the love I felt, to let go and not worry so hard about all the things we stress about daily. The hardest thing about it was the fact that one day she would die and when I would die I would be heaven, happy while my mother suffered in hell for the rest of eternity. Another difficult thing is when people try to talk to you about my mother. I don’t want to talk about it most the time, in fact I wrote this paper on Sunday, skipping the turn in date because I did not want to write this paper at all, it felt like a burden sitting on my shoulders for two weeks.
Being abandoned is difficult because you constantly feel the need to prove you’re good enough to people. I used to try to wear what was cool, or I would analyze how people would act and talk so I could act and talk like them too. For a really long time I tried to be someone I’m not but eventually I figured out that people would love me for who I am even if that person isn’t my own family. Every decision I make is exactly the opposite of what my mother would do. I purposely built myself this way. Every decision I make I think about, wondering if I drank if I would turn out like my mother since everyone in my family thought I will be which was before I figured out what I wanted in life, and who I am. Or I constantly would wonder if I drank if I would become an alcoholic, or if I did drugs if I would become a drug addict. Today, I rarely take any drugs or medications just to be careful I don’t depend on them to function like my mother does. I don’t know if today she has recovered or if she’s overcome her illness but i’m glad I don’t have to watch her destroy herself.
Overall, a mothers absence affects a person everyday whether they realize it or not. It not something you can get over it with a pound of ice cream and a hundred tissues. It sticks with you until the day you die. It affects every decision you make even if it’s not consciously made. You can overcome these feelings with positive people around you and healthy decision making.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A day gone wrong

People can be so dumb and arrogant. Today my day totally sucked. My phone got stolen, I had to run around looking for it and I had to present this huge presentation which I also needed to practice for. What happened was this: I was in my French class just playing with my friends pencil and all of sudden he takes my phone and says to me, "give me back my pencil and i'll give you back your phone" and I was like oh I don't care. but I actually did. When he started to walk away with my phone I told him I was just kidding and that I wanted my phone back. He continued to walk away so I just went to class. On the way there I ran into him and I asked for my phone back and then he goes, no. I ask again, more serious this time. Then he says, I gave it to my friend Gary. I asked him who that was and he said Gary Filbern. So I went to the attendance office and asked him where he was. Then I tracked him down and asked him where my phone was. He told me he put it back in his backpack. So then I went all the way across the school back to where the person who stole my phone to tell him what his friend said. So then he looks all through his backpack and it was nowhere to be found. So we went back to his friend who told us he put it on the stairs and proceeded to show us where. It wasn't there. I ended up calling my phone five+ times to see if anyone would answer, and no one did. My luck right? I checked with all four different offices three times that day. They even made an announcement for my phone but no one turned it in. So now I'm phoneless. It makes me feel naked. Despite that, I had unnecessary comments from some douchebag. I was mimicking his laugh as joke and I told him that I was just kidding. But then he goes and says: " And who likes you?" I just replied with "Me" and he goes exactly, no one. Like could you be anymore rude? There are plenty of things I could call him and tell him but I actually have a kind soul. Sometimes I just hate people so much. People need to grow up and stop being so rude all the time. All I want right now is to feel okay again and to have my phone back. 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

No more "Me"

I constantly hear about all these adults talking about how they wished they went to prom, and did this and that but they didn't because they were too afraid or too insecure. I say fuck that because no one should make you feel like you can't even go to your own prom! I mean, I used to be like that too but then I built a bridge and got over just like they should've. Next year I'm going to be involved as much as I can be. I even got accepted into this program that gives me college credits. I get to work with children. Grades 1st-6th. Which will be super cool. Life is short I'm told so you know what? I'm going to live it. I'm going to stop feeling sorry for myself, I'm going to start wearing things that I am afraid to wear because I don't look slim enough, I'm going to figure out how to stop binging, I'm going to start walking and exercising because, this is no way to live and I'm tired of living the way I am now. I'm terribly scared and I feel like no one even knows this. I have no moral support from anyone so it would be great if someone out there could give me some encouragement or start emailing me. I would really love to get to know some of you who read my blogs.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Just a rant..

I am so sick and tired of being afraid of what someone will think or say about me. I wake up in the morning afraid to take a fashion risk because someone might comment on it in a negative way. A FASHION RISK. That could be seen as hardly a big deal, which it probably is. I wake up in the morning wondering if someone will turn my happiness into sadness. I wake up in the morning wondering if someone will find this blog, find out it's me and expose me while everyone laughs at me. It's crazy how one person can say something negative to you and you feel like your whole world is turned upside. Maybe I'm overexagerating or maybe i'm completely sane to you. I don't even know if anyone even cares what I'm saying right now.
I'm angry because I feel like I can't even be myself without some cunt commenting on every word I say. I'm angry because the first man I've actually liked since my ex-boyfriend abused me, told me that I could be more "sexy-skinny". I'm angry because men view us as sex objects and only want that from us. I'm angry because my mother won't have much to do with me. I'm angry because every female in my life is a huge bitch, I have no mother role model. I'm angry because I had to learn everything by myself. I'm angry because I have to go shopping with my Dad, who mistakes my dress for pajamas. I'm angry because I want to be more but I'm wrapped in chains. I'm angry because I just want to be me, but I don't know who me is anymore.

The web of life

There is this one thing that I can't seem to wrap my head around; which is the fact that people often try to avoid certain topics or just the way they feel. My entire life, that of sixteen years, I have too avoided expressing my feeling or thoughts. You know those people who always take time out of their pathetic lives to tell you how wrong you are, how attention seeking you are and basically just how you should keep all comments, feelings and thoughts to yourself. My question is why though? Why are we so afraid to express ourselves? Why are we afraid of what we feel? Why do people hate on other people to point where they feel they can't even be themselves anymore? It doesn't make sense. Some people tell me it's because they hate themselves or they don't like themselves so they decide to make everyone else miserable as well. I mean, it makes sense in a way but I feel there should be a better explanation. Another reason I've heard for this coldness could be because their parents didn't raise them well enough. I'm not sure what the answers to these questions are. I just don't understand what could evoke people to act so cruel to others. In my opinion, life is almost like a web. I'm not talking about the whole view of life, I just mean in daily life. To make myself more clear, here's an example (you will know this if you've ever seen God's not Dead if you haven't and want to, you might want to skip this part): A professor who is against religion makes everyone else in his class say the words, God is dead. A Christian in his class wouldn't sign it and was given a chance to prove the existence of God. He decides to take it even though he could lose everything academically. As a result, 50 people believed in the existence of God, and it turns out the professor also believed in God but was just angry at him for allowing his mother to pass over due to cancer. The professor in his last dying moments, as he was hit by a car becomes saved by this pastor who gave advice to the Christian student earlier in the movie. The pastors car also wouldn't start, and he was supposed to go out of town. All these events affected someone else which affected someone else and then an outcome was created. This is how life is a web. Even if we don't know it, we are connected to almost everyone around us. People don't understand that when they tell someone that their thoughts and feelings don't matter, it affects others around them. It's almost a disease, passed on. One person is told this, then they tell someone else because they were basically taught that is how social standards work. I mean writing this, I am already afraid that someone will comment something rude and nasty, telling me I am wrong for my opinion. That is why it is called an opinion. Nothing I say is wrong or right!! The sooner people stop hating on everyone else for being themselves or being fake then maybe society can get back on the track to being civil again.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Life of a Christian.

"Hello God? It's me, Maragret" I repeat to myself at the beginning of every prayer. I'm not sure why I have this ritual. All I know is that God doesn't really like it since God knows everyone and loves each and every one of us, I hear him in my mind telling me this. If you're not a Christian and you don't even know what that means or what that would look like, just picture this: You're sitting in class and your teacher asks, "Who was Martin Luther King JR?' and you automatically think "Oh, he was an important leader for the Civil Rights Movement". It's like that but with God in a different but similar way. Moving on...
Life of a Christian is a difficult one. I know of only one Christian in my entire grade. Including me that makes two. As time moves on, more people lose their faith and pursue the temptations that follow them. Life of a Christian is not an easy one but it is worth fighting for.
Most days you see something or someone online or in school who likes to talk up a storm about some issue like Gay rights or racism. I'm sure you can picture that one person who has to defend everything they believe in and everything they believe must be right and that everyone should believe what they believe in. Yeah, we face these people every day and some of these people are us, Christians. Now, I'm sure you might be thinking, "Well everyone has the right to freedom of speech" which you would be correct, good job for listening in class. I'm just saying whenever Christians decide to stand up for what they believe they get shot down. I remember in sixth grade, I was sitting in class and somehow my faith was brought about and people would ask me: "Ari, how do you know God exists". I mean you don't even understand how many times people will ask me this. I don't mind the questions, really I enjoy answering them. It's when they become very cynical, and start to judge; telling me I am wrong for my beliefs, and that I have no proof for my beliefs. God cannot be proven or disproven. That is what faith is all about; believing in something or someone whose existence cannot be proven. I remember another time someone asked me my views on gay marriage. Being a Christian I answered, "Well I believe marriage should be between a man and a woman" and wow, the response I get from that is unbelievable. This subject comes up quite often, and when I'm honest about it all I get is hatred in return. One student I knew told me that I was going to burn in hell, I wasn't human and I was a terrible person. Life of a Christian is all about standing strong in your faith against all people who will try to tear you away from your faith, who make fun of what you believe in, and those who hate you because hate is an easy thing to do.
In fact, I used to hate God. I hated him so much  I would skip church, and I would hang out with people who only wanted to tell me how much they too, hated God. Now I'm sure you might be thinking, " I don't understand Ari, if you hated God so much then why are you a Christian now?" I hated God because I didn't understand things that happened to me as a child. I know many people who are the same; people who came from terrible childhoods that scarred them for life and who blamed God for the things that happened or for answering their prayers with the answer they dreaded. I was one of those kids. I grew up abused, neglected until I was about fourteen. I went through a lot as a kid and I honestly consider myself mentally mature enough to say I'm a young adult and I'm not a child anymore even though some older woman or man will tell me otherwise. I am still angry with the things that happened, although it's not directed at God anymore.(I have this blog to help with this anger) To answer the question, I'm a Christian because I believe in Jesus who came and died a terrible death on the cross for our sins to be forgiven. God is always with you, you just have allow him to come into your heart, or at the very least look around you for the work he is doing in your life.
I remember one time when I was a child, around the age of eight, I was in Florida with my mother and her abusive boyfriend. Lets call him Samuel for now. My mother and Samuel got very drunk which is not surprising since they're both alcoholics. Samuel went upstairs to the room while my mother stayed at the bar with her kids and Samuels daughter. My sister and I decided to go up to the room since there was nothing for us to do, Samuels daughter went with us. An hour or so later, my mother came up as lost and no one could find her. Immediately, I started praying, asking Jesus to find my mother. As soon as I was done with my prayer, in walked my mother drunk as can be. Some might call that a coincidence but, I don't believe in coincidences.
Also on a side note, if you pray a lot and you don't think you get an answer. You do. Its either yes, no and not now. I dread the answer no.
What people don't understand about the life of a Christian is that it's not about rules or regulations. It's not about how you look, dress or who your friends are. It's not about how good your grades are, if you cuss or not, if you're still a virgin either. It's also not about the mistakes you made or the mistakes you will make. Christianity is all about having a deep intimate relationship with the One who can never fail you. This is what confuses people out there about Christians. Yes I understand that people who claim or are Christians can be really fake. Trust me, I know. Some of us Christians are actually confused on what we can and can't do or say. We are told by society to look this way, to act this way, to do this and to do that, then we have God who tells us we are beautiful the way we are and that we are created in Gods image. You can see how this can be confusing.
 But God does not tell us to do anything, He gave us free will to make our own decisions. We are not bound to his commands and we can do whatever anyone else pleases to. We are flawed just as much as everyone else and the sooner everyone realizes that, we can take off our "fake" masks and stop pretending that we are perfectly okay because we have Jesus. We still feel sadness and we still struggle, some more than others. The only difference is that we put our trust in Him, we let him work through our lives to help others, we sacrifice our comfort or our friends and family to stand firm in our faith and spread his name to those who have never heard it.
That's all for now. I'll probably write another piece on Christianity or something similar eventually. If you have any questions or comments just comment below.

~Ari xo

Sunday, April 12, 2015

My future awaits me.

We all have these images of what the future holds for ourself and for the people we see around us. Some might argue that you make your own fate, your own future. Is this really true though? All my life I've had teachers, parents, and adults up my ass about what I make of myself and my future. My parents want to see me go into medical which is something I have no desire for. I'm a sixteen year old loser who's slightly overweight, with few friends, and no job. Not to mention the fact that I don't even have my temps yet. I mean, what does my future hold for me because it seems like a shitty one so far. Yes, I understand I could get a job, I could get my temps, I could get more friends and I could probably lose the weight I dread to look at so often. All these things I just mentioned, I have been attempting to pursue; with only the result of failure each time. I am so sick of failing myself and disappointing those around me. I'm tired of many things we are brought to carry on our shoulders.
Besides all the pressures to become someone I'm not, this is who I really am: I'm a sixteen year old virgin who is constantly fighting with myself to decide whether I should give in to the pressures society brings upon me, or just say fuck it and be the person I want to be. You would think it would be easy to just be yourself, but it's the most difficult thing I have ever known. Ever since I can remember, I can think of a hundred different times my mother and father told me to do or to act so that I don't upset or disturb strangers, friends or other family members. "Behave yourself, straighten up, smile, chew twenty times before swallowing, use your manners" my grandma would tell me. My grandmother was so set on making me the perfect granddaughter to show off, she would starve me until I could no longer feel my stomach. We learn these things the moment we pop out of our mothers wombs and we sit around here wondering why teenagers are cutting into their skin and abusing drugs. Now before you get your panties in a bunch and try to twist my words around, I'm not saying this is the only reason us teenagers are so fucked up because it's not. There are probably hundreds, even thousands of different reasons. I'm just saying, maybe the reason why your kid cries in the mirror at their own reflection could have to do with the fact you and everyone else 'made' them that way.
If you're reading this and rolling your eyes at this because you're thinking, "Wow, look another stupid teenager who's lost in this world and has no idea what they're talking about",  Well buckle up because, welcome to my reality.

~Ari xo

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Is anybody out there?

Hi, My name is Ari. This is not my real name, though. I would prefer to keep my real name private for now. I am a sixteen year old girl who attends a shitty high school with stuck up brats. I'm a lot like other teenagers, but in another way I'm not. I'm one of those deep thinkers of life, so basically this blog will either be: A. Ranting about things that anger me, B. How corrupt everything and everyone is, or C. Asking for advice; Assuming people will actually read this and care.
I'll be posting more, most likely tomorrow or some following day. I hope someone's out there.

~Ari xo