Saturday, April 25, 2015

No more "Me"

I constantly hear about all these adults talking about how they wished they went to prom, and did this and that but they didn't because they were too afraid or too insecure. I say fuck that because no one should make you feel like you can't even go to your own prom! I mean, I used to be like that too but then I built a bridge and got over just like they should've. Next year I'm going to be involved as much as I can be. I even got accepted into this program that gives me college credits. I get to work with children. Grades 1st-6th. Which will be super cool. Life is short I'm told so you know what? I'm going to live it. I'm going to stop feeling sorry for myself, I'm going to start wearing things that I am afraid to wear because I don't look slim enough, I'm going to figure out how to stop binging, I'm going to start walking and exercising because, this is no way to live and I'm tired of living the way I am now. I'm terribly scared and I feel like no one even knows this. I have no moral support from anyone so it would be great if someone out there could give me some encouragement or start emailing me. I would really love to get to know some of you who read my blogs.


  1. Everything you said is true! I like how real you are and you write what's in your heart ❤️👌🏼 keep that up and nobody can tell you anything. My motto is if they don't pay my phone bill fuck em. Stick to that and nobody runs your life

  2. I completely agree with you, and i love your style of writing, do you keep your blog to yourself or do any family'/friends know you have it? I feel it's easier to stay stuff knowing you won't get questioned about it ect.

    1. I keep my blog to myself. None of my friends or family know of my blog. & same here.
      The only reason I don't share it with my friends and family is because I want to have the freedom to post how I feel, what happens, ect without someone confronting me about it. I don't need anyone to play therapist and judge me.

      Thanks for your comment girl! Means a lot :)