Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The web of life

There is this one thing that I can't seem to wrap my head around; which is the fact that people often try to avoid certain topics or just the way they feel. My entire life, that of sixteen years, I have too avoided expressing my feeling or thoughts. You know those people who always take time out of their pathetic lives to tell you how wrong you are, how attention seeking you are and basically just how you should keep all comments, feelings and thoughts to yourself. My question is why though? Why are we so afraid to express ourselves? Why are we afraid of what we feel? Why do people hate on other people to point where they feel they can't even be themselves anymore? It doesn't make sense. Some people tell me it's because they hate themselves or they don't like themselves so they decide to make everyone else miserable as well. I mean, it makes sense in a way but I feel there should be a better explanation. Another reason I've heard for this coldness could be because their parents didn't raise them well enough. I'm not sure what the answers to these questions are. I just don't understand what could evoke people to act so cruel to others. In my opinion, life is almost like a web. I'm not talking about the whole view of life, I just mean in daily life. To make myself more clear, here's an example (you will know this if you've ever seen God's not Dead if you haven't and want to, you might want to skip this part): A professor who is against religion makes everyone else in his class say the words, God is dead. A Christian in his class wouldn't sign it and was given a chance to prove the existence of God. He decides to take it even though he could lose everything academically. As a result, 50 people believed in the existence of God, and it turns out the professor also believed in God but was just angry at him for allowing his mother to pass over due to cancer. The professor in his last dying moments, as he was hit by a car becomes saved by this pastor who gave advice to the Christian student earlier in the movie. The pastors car also wouldn't start, and he was supposed to go out of town. All these events affected someone else which affected someone else and then an outcome was created. This is how life is a web. Even if we don't know it, we are connected to almost everyone around us. People don't understand that when they tell someone that their thoughts and feelings don't matter, it affects others around them. It's almost a disease, passed on. One person is told this, then they tell someone else because they were basically taught that is how social standards work. I mean writing this, I am already afraid that someone will comment something rude and nasty, telling me I am wrong for my opinion. That is why it is called an opinion. Nothing I say is wrong or right!! The sooner people stop hating on everyone else for being themselves or being fake then maybe society can get back on the track to being civil again.

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